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START NOW! Make the best investment of your life, join today! Your member number, payment, and contract can all be taken care of from home. The only thing we'll need from you is a picture on your first visit. From time to time we may offer special discounts, these apply to in-person purchases only.

  • 1 Month

    Valid for one month
    • $2 per Day
    • 1 Month of full access
  • 3 Month

    Valid for 3 months
    • $1.43 per day
    • 3 Months of full access
  • 6 Month

    Valid for 6 months
    • $1.27 per day
    • 6 Months of full access
  • Full Year

    Valid for one year
    • $1.09 / Day
    • 1 Year of full access
Looking to pay monthly? We also offer a $39 per month EFT membership available in-person, at our service counter. Cancel anytime after 6 months.
Are you currently employed by
Marathon  Petroleum
Marathon provides a FREE membership at Oakwood Gym at no cost or obligation to you! Simply renew or enroll for 2024 below!
(employees must renew each year, contractors are exempt)

Marathon Employees
Join Here!

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