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Join A Community Built Around A Healthy Lifestyle

Old School atmosphere, Open at 4:30am*, Tons of Equipment, Pre & Post Workout Supplements

Simply the Best! Then & Now


We strive to combine the wisdom of the past with the innovation of the future.

The days of Arnold and Ronnie Coleman may be in the past, but they've helped us evolve to what we know today. Since opening our doors in 1969, we've offered an abundance of equipment for a wide range of levels. Whether you're new to the gym atmosphere or you're an experienced athlete, we have the equipment for you. Here at Oakwood Gym you can sculpt your own path to meet your individual health and fitness goals as you see fit!

Members For Life

The people who walk through our doors all have one thing in common: improving their health & fitness goals. You will find community in Oakwood's familiar faces and longtime members, more than just a gym.  Good people without the horseplay and nonsense. 


A Gym That Improves Along With You

Oakwood is always improving our facilities to keep your routine fresh and offering new equipment.  One of our newest additions are  Infrared dry saunas in both locker rooms and our turf room with endurance & interval training equipment. 

For those of you who are beginners, our staff can offer a Beginners Fitness Program, free of charge, with the option for an Intermediate Fitness Program after approx. 3 weeks or when ready.

Hear From Our Members

Oakwood Gym 1.png
I’ve been coming here for a few years. The staff and members are friendly. It's a good clean workout environment.


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